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Yung Hope

A poem by D. Hope

An open letter to my son.

Young Hope I thank the lord that you’re able to breathe

I thank the lord that you’re able to read between lines

But between you and I this print is not fine

What lies beneath this print of life is nothing but lies, lies, and lies

They’ll say, its ok to holler at a shorty when she walking down the street, and you can call her a broad if she quote unquote “Boujee”

They’ll say, it’s ok to chase after the light skins, the white skins, but God​ forbid the dark skins will never be the right skin

They’ll say, it’s ok to be a playhead and leave them all broken in pieces, just as long as you got your peace in, but you’re leaving them with everything BUT peace and

They’ll say it’s ok to let your homie keep putting his hands on her, cause “God’s got a plan for her” but this ain’t what you stand for, YOU CAN’T LET THIS ELEPHANT SIT IN THE ROOM MUCH LONGER DAMN IT

They’ll say, it’s ok to never shed a tear your whole life but, tears wash away easier than blood.. And trust me... those beautiful brown eyes can easily dry overnight faster than those scars on your wrists could ever heal

They’ll say, its ok to only show frustration and rage. And let every other emotion be scribbled on each page and page and page and you find yourself asking “When will I see the pearly gates?” They’ll say, its ok to buy cars and bottles, instead of cards of knowledge, cause this whip I got is clean, and this double styrofoam is full of lean.

They’ll say, its ok to constantly trade fists instead of toys, cause we all know at the end of the day, boys, will always be boys

They’ll say, its ok to ignore any other woman’s pain and suffering but what if it was your momma, your sister, or your daughter, that man was touching.

They’ll say, its ok to keep cutting off your hair, cause all you’ll ever hear is “I’m sorry, but because of your dreads we just can’t seem to hire you hear.”

They’ll say, its ok to let the tall people keep you in shambles, because shambles turn to shackles and shackles turn to shootings and shootings calls for damsels in distress but Captain America is not saving you he’s stopping you! You are the threat!

Young Hope, don’t you ever let them paint your picture in vain, leaving our concrete pavements stained with the colors of your blood, and your brains, and your veins

Young Hope, don’t let any walls keep you confined in any space. I want you to tear them all down and try to fly into space

Young Hope, I know you’re trying to change the climate change so climb the chain and help end this cycle of timeless pain

Young Hope, I want you to find the keys to success and ​unlock doors ​for many others. Strike ​a chord ​with your sisters and brothers and ​make harmony​ with your fathers and mothers

Young Hope, let our forefathers finally, rest their feet.

Young Hope, Be the change we need, Be the change we need, Be the change we need, Be the change we, Be the change we, Be the change we need. Be the change we need, Oh be the change we need.

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