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The Carter Four

I was blessed to be born into the Carter Family. A name carrying excellence. I don’t know if I’ve ever quite realized what needs to be done by me to keep the fire aflame until writing this. I do know this actualization has consisted of a few different things: breaking bad habits, a challenging amount of discipline, and establishing the things I need to do now to show up as my best self.

Within this past year, oh how lost I’ve felt. I mean I knew what I wanted of myself but how do I execute these ideas in my head to contribute to the bigger picture? No idea. I had these thoughts in my head that were incredible ideas, but I left them all over the place: in people, in notebooks, in my dreams. I’m aware of the power I possess in my thought but finding the medium to express those thoughts was difficult. I’m exhausted. After much thought I remembered this project titled “Culture Playground”, that’s it. Do that. Create it. Write it. Share it.

Culture Playground is my baby. Creating a space I would’ve looked to as a younger version of myself, future version of myself, and me now is incredible. I know I am called to help people, to connect people, to bring light to the stories that need it most, to create a platform and community I would've wanted to be a part of. I wanna put on for black women. I wanna put on for my children, my nieces, my nephews so that they have something that demonstrates just what it means to be a Carter child.

It’s been a learning experience but it’s the coolest thing ever. Forever adding to our story keeping the legacy on a pedestal.

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2 comentários

Ann George Leonard
Ann George Leonard
27 de nov. de 2020

I am your oldest biggest fan. I have witnessed so many awesome accomplishments in your young life and I deem you as my golden girl, because everything you touch or are a part of turns to gold. You add so much to every project, club, competition, relationship, or adventure you commit to. Success is you. Lots of love Gma



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