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Remember Me

It gives me something to think about. It finds me writing notes about how it made me feel. It carries me through seasons. It’s the first thing I look for when I want balance. I can play it safe or completely step outside of any boundaries. It’s easy going. It’s comforting. It’s name is something like the soundtrack of my mind. Music.

These last few months have been... weird. I feel like I’m evolving before my own eyes more than I could capture in my own words. I’m still trying to grasp an understanding of how to communicate this so, I’ll just go slow.

About a month ago YouTube played Remember Me a song by Umi. I let it ride because it was so soft and pretty. Honestly tho, it was the last song I would’ve wanted to hear at the time. It made me sad. I tried to distract my mind and quickly found myself glancing through the comments. Everybody had a story to go with their own memories of the song. I wanted to find something pleasant and, I did.

Somewhere in the comments, someone shared a beautiful perspective. They shared how the song could be interpreted as a message to a younger version of themselves — will they remember the person they use to be?

I paused. I ran the song right back. I envisioned sharing this song with younger me. Younger me asking now if she would remember who she was before the influences and experiences that now shape her view of reality.

There are few songs that I tend to reflect just about how much growth and change I’ve seen in myself. This song was special. Thank you, Umi.

And for you sweet child, I’m still finding and shining your light through me.

All my love,

You now <3

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