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Pam is so disrespectful

A quarantine workout that will kick your a**

Quarantine sucks. FOMO sucks.

It's natural to have all of this pent up stress and frustration while having to self isolate. My room is starting to feel like it's the size of a tic tac container.

I decided to put that energy into good use and start a home workout plan.

Most people I've talked to have tried Chloe Ting's videos, and they say they love her two week ab shred.

However, I have more than just belly issues, so I did some research.

Pamela Reif, a 24 year old German fitness model, seemed to have a program that worked the entire body. She also posts her food/ diet on her Instagram, and all of this is for the FREE 99.

I originally planned to do Pam's workouts for the second half of the summer, but I only lasted two weeks.

Let's go through my immediate thoughts; then I'll list the pros, cons, and a very brief reflection..

Week 1 (Day 1- 4)

I hadn't worked out in months. At this point, I could barely open a Gatorade bottle by myself. This is difficult. Like this is disrespectful. I felt like I was dying. I took so many breaks during the workout, and it finally hit me how out of shape I am. I don’t have good form. I definitely don’t look like Miss Pam when she does those plank twists.

However, I do enjoy the way she lays out the workouts. I'm not a professional, but I noticed she grouped workouts together that activate certain muscle groups so you don't tire out in the middle of the workout. I love that. I need that.

Week 1 (Day 5-7)

My only improvement is taking less breaks. That's it. That's the tweet.

Week 2 (Day 1-4)

I feel SO GOOD right now. I feel high on life. I am able to take time and enjoy the workout. I'm challenging myself in the workout. I've found a sweet spot in my schedule where I can workout at the same time everyday. Strong. Invincible. I'm seeking out healthy eating options. I'm starting to see definition in my muscles again. I feel like this is working.

Week 2 (Day 5-7)

Okay I'm dying again. I'm losing motivation. The workouts stopped fitting in my schedule and I can tell it's going to go downhill from here.


If you are bored, if you have any kind of gap in your schedule at around the same time everyday, get on this Pamela Reif wave. Having this feel good self care moment in your routine for only 30 or 45 minutes a day is essential. Ever since I've stopped this I can feel my mental health declining. I felt so good during this; I want everyone to experience this.

Pam's Instagram is immaculate. Not her posts, but her highlights and her story are always on point. She never slips, never falls. She has such a rich community on instagram. She actually replies to her DMs and posts her followers to her story almost everyday. It is aesthetic and calming and she feels like your fitness enthusiast friend who just wants to thrive with you. I love it.

She actually does all the workouts. It feels like she is going through the fitness class with you.

She gives you different levels for the workout plan. It started with only three options-- Beginner, 30 minute, 45 minute. She now has a plethora of plans, but they are really easy to follow. She now offers Beginner friendly, 30 minutes per day, 45 minute slow, 45 minute sweaty/ hard. She also incorporates dance workouts.

It's free bitch


Not good if you don't have a consistent routine. Just don't try it. Unless you have insane discipline, don't try it. If you do have insane discipline, these workout plans are too easy for you.

If you are already good at working out this will be too easy for you. It's just your classic squat, plank, pushup, and crunch variations with some jazzy moves tossed in there. It's nothing fancy, just do your machines, guy.

If you enjoy a vocal coach, this is not for you. I think I only came across one or two videos where she talked, and when she did talk, she wasn't encouraging with her words, just instructive.


It's fun! She's cute. She's relatable. She makes you feel like your fitness goals aren't out of your reach. Try it for a week and a half and see if you want to add it to your routine!

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