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Five Year Plan

Hello my dear Culture Crew. As Virgo season comes to an end, my Virgo sun and rising feel compelled to do what they do best-- give unsolicited advice to half listening ears.

I'm figuring out a feasible five year plan at the moment. You can't go anywhere if you don't plan. First there's a goal, then a plan, then the execution.

While I'm on this journey, I'd figured I'd share it with you.

Goals (Location, Career, Lifestyle)

After college, I want to move to Atlanta NO IT IS NOT FULL! Just because no one knows how to drive, everyone goes to the same place, and you decide to get on the highway during rush hour every time you drive does NOT mean Atlanta is full.

I want a job paying at least $65,000 straight out of graduation in my major field of study.


I needs me a spacious, bougie, luxurious modern high rise condo for the low.

When I type all of this out, it seems impossible especially for someone majoring in mass communications. How to the EVER! I have already taken major steps in the execution of my plan. Internships and job offers on the way, love! Don't worry about me, worry about YO bag.

Okay let's talk about it. I'm a smart cookie. I crunch numbers. I know what I can and cannot live without. Let's talk about the deficit. Moving to Atlanta, I will spend money on:

Car down payment and car note

Car insurance



DMV registration

Georgia ID

Health insurance

Condo down payment

HOA fees



Phone, cable, internet if not included in condo

Apple music, Hulu, etc.


Eating out

Gym membership

Wax, hair, nails, etc.

Extra spending money


This will bring my grand deficit for the first month of living in Atlanta to a lot of money!!.

"Girl how can you afford all of that??" If you know me, you know I stay with some moneyyyy. Your girl has been working since she's been fourteen okay, and she always kept some money in the bank. However, I have a "payment plan" to my savings account. My bank will be real thick real soon honey. I am also in the works of opening a Roth IRA. Ask about me!

"Girl you don't have any credit!" So what!! I got money! (soon). I'm just playing. I haven’t gotten to that part of the plan yet. But as soon as I do, you will get an update!

"Girl you don't need all that!" Shut up.

Please don't forget, that was only the first month! I need a certain amount of money to maintain, so that needs to be a part of the plan too.

I have been on Handshake like a MUG! When I tell you my resume has been all over that app! I also attend different events held on handshake by companies that have good internship programs. I work on growing my network and have some promising opportunities on the way. I told you she's always working!!

This is just the beginning. It's a lot, I know. If you haven’t thought about any of this, I would suggest you start especially if you are a worrier like me. You don't have to have it all figured out. But it is nice to have a hold on the future of your dreams even if you can't see it all quite yet.


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