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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Everyone loves the idea of a black woman until it’s time to love a black woman.

Everyone loves the idea of a green earth with an abundant selection of natural resources until we realize… Pollution is real, fast fashion is real, and carbon footprints are all very real.

Everyone loves the idea of an innovative, resilient, courageous black woman until... The disrespect is real. The colorism is real. The abuse is real.

Acknowledge emotional black women.

Acknowledge reserved black women.

Acknowledge all black women.

The phrase protect black women is not a conditional statement.

The love for black women is too often based on desirability. There are people arguing whether or not black women need protection and this is why we need to show up and show out for our women, every time.

I don’t want to feel surprised when I see a black woman supported loudly by the black men of our community. I want the celebration, the applause, the words of encouragement; invest in us.

I don’t want to teach a fish how to swim. These are basic asks. Hammering these ideals into the minds of many is exhausting but, we know if we don’t, who will?

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