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Color Me

I don’t dream of work. I like the simple things.

If I could choose my dream occupation I think I’d name colors for Pantone or Crayola, preferably Pantone but Crayola if you see this, holla at your girl.

Something about reading the names of colors and associating them with such random objects is fye. I tried doing this in July on a really boring day and I found so much joy in the creativity. For real. I think it really began when I was watching Maddie Ziegler explain how she crafted the names of an eyeshadow palette. It was so generic but so... satisfying.

I’ve tried this with a few friends of mine and it’s always a fun little conversation to have. Ask someone what color maroon is you’ll hear anything from navy red to the scarlet letter. Interesting, I think yes.

Colors are the coolest thing. If someone asks you what color they would be you can pick a really flat color, a more metallic color, a softer color, a neutral color, and they’d all be interpreted differently. Everyone’s experience with colors are so contrasting or possibly similar. I hated the color orange growing up partially because I was allergic to orange dye in candies and would always have a sore throat after eating orange starbursts, Kool-Aid, anything love.

Think about how you would organize your notebook colors for school as a kid. Green was always science. Red / blue was math. Yellow was English. Orange / purple was history.

I just wanted to talk about colors, das it.


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