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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

If I asked you right now what is your favorite song what would you tell me?

Would you say some thing that makes you feel nostalgic? Would you say some thing that is your theme song?

I discovered my favorite song my senior year in high school. Allow me to say I was introduced to the song. This song was the first song of that playlist. I’ll take care of you, she gently but perfectly placed those words into the air. Closing my eyes as I listened to the song, it was a masterpiece. SZA does it again.

I never overplayed it. The playlist was soft & comforting. It felt like little hands hugging my heart. I clung to that song for comfort. The song I listen to after having a bad day. The song I put on when pampering myself. It’s light. It showers me in serenity. Like a butterfly. I like feeling balanced and that song is a tiny escape of stillness and distraction from reality.

Receiving music is a special intimacy. Whether it’s delivering a cd, vinyl, and even digitally a playlist there is something special about listening to art.

Please keep creating. We want to see your art. The other day I listened to this song titled Unconditional Love x DaQuashia and it felt like music made for me. So my question to you is what music feels like home for you? If you have one, do you share it with everybody or do you keep it for those close to you?

Think of a song as a special elixir ready to be shared with those in every season. As nourishing and refreshing as water.

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